AppleCare Plus price drops for M1 MacBook Air and Pro

Apple has decided to cut the prices for its AppleCare Plus extended warranty for both its M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. AppleCare is now going to cost $199 for the new MacBook M1 Air. Earlier it used to cost $249, a $50 drop is quite considerable. As for the MacBook M1 pro, it’s going to cost $249, which is a $20 drop from its previous price.

While each Mac accompanies a one-year limited warranty, AppleCare+ for Mac stretches out your coverage to three years from your AppleCare+ buy date and adds to two occurrences of accidental damage insurance every 12 months Also, you can purchase AppleCare+ during the checkout process when you buy your new Mac or within 60 days of your Mac buy.

While the prices may have been lowered, but the coverage offered by the plans, as well as accidental damage fees, appear to remain unchanged. While Apple no longer sells the Intel-based MacBook Air model straightforwardly, the new value applies to both the M1 model and the Intel variation.

For the intel-based models, the prices are a little mixup. The MacBook Air intel-variant will get the same discounted price for Apple Care+ as the M1 version, $199. As for the MacbookPro intel-variant, the price remains at $269.

As indicated by MacRumors, clients who as of late bought AppleCare+ for one of the affected MacBook models can contact Apple Support for help regarding the cancellation of their present AppleCare+ plan and buying another one at the lower cost. Apple hasn’t provided a cutoff date for the eligibility of this offer.