This woman posted a man’s video for a really small issue; another publicity stunt?

Social media has proven to be a great tool to talk about bigger issues that matter. However, like they say, with great power comes a greater responsibility, it becomes essential people use this medium wisely. After Jasleen Kaur incident, it looks like social media has become a ticket to fame for many ambitious women. They target men and wrongly accuse them for hideous crimes never done under their false banners of women empowerment and feminism. All this for nothing but fame!

Interestingly, such women do not even understand what women empowerment and feminism mean.

Rujuta Diwekar, a celebrity nutritionist uploaded a video on her Facebook Timeline on 29th August accusing a man “wearing lots of rakhis” for wrongly parking his car outside a chemist store. According to her he caused trouble to the otherwise easily moving traffic. But a single look at this video will prove all her accusations false. The woman is clearly shouting for attention and is looking for publicity by posting the video.

Met this guy parked the wrong way at Noble Chemist signal, Linking Road, Khar West. Refused to move even after tons of…

Posted by Rujuta Diwekar on Saturday, August 29, 2015

She wrote:

“Met this guy parked the wrong way at Noble Chemist signal, Linking Road, Khar West. Refused to move even after tons of requests making it difficult for the traffic.

Notice his hand, he has multiple rakhis. Raksha bandhan is about protecting other people’s (and not just at biological and muh boli sisters) rights by living upto ones responsibilities.”

Let’s point out what we noticed in the video:

1. The traffic is moving without any disturbance.

2. People are not even complaining about to the man for stopping the car outside the chemist store.

3. It seems, he is waiting for someone to return from the chemist shop.

4. He is in the car so technically, the car is not parked. He can easily drive it anywhere else if he has to.

Do you see any problem in the video? Do you think making a fuss of smaller issues to gain publicity will bring anything good to the person accusing people for fame? How right it is to upload anyone’s video and defame them?