Another great loss in 2014 – the Father of Video Games, Ralph Baer’s death!

Sad news for all the gamers around the world! The FATHER of Video Games, Ralph Baer (RESPECT) passed away at the age of 92 (3 days ago)!

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The man who contributed his entire life to make ours both entertaining and interesting said farewell to the world in the December of 2014.

Ralph lived in Germany. He along with his family left the country to escape from the death attacks done on Jews. In America, he not only sold and repaired radios and early televisions, but also got recruited in the intelligence department of the US Army where his task was to write training documents for Allied troops preparing for D-Day.

Later Ralph graduated with one of the world’s first Bachelors of Science in Television Engineering in 1949.

In 1967, Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison created the world’s first television video game hardware, ‘Brown Box’, which became the Magnavox Odyssey (as we know it) & worked on the launch equipment for NASA’s Saturn V rockets. In total, Ralph had 150 patents! Ralph is also the pioneer of gaming guns which were introduced in the late ’67.

Idea was : “Shoot at the goddamn thing and wipe it off the screen!”


In 2006, Ralph received the National Medal of Technology by the earlier President, George W Bush.

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His contributions have been big since he stepped out of his home country.

May your soul rest in peace, Ralph!

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