Have friends in theatre? Here is how to annoy them in just 80 seconds!

Have friends from the theatre society in college? Or have friends who professionally work in a theatre? You must be thinking that your theatre friend likes all that you tell them, but hey! We have got to show you some things that would tell if you really talk to your theatre friend the way they like or you have been acting like a total jerk all the time and undervaluing their passion. On the other hand, if you have been your theatre friend’s best mate all the time, these really mean statements could help you annoy them so you can have a good time.

Talk about the great play-writer, William Shakespeare.



Say this! :P

sons bday


Don’t forget to show them, they are not interested in your passion. This will totally boil their blood. :P


on stage


Ask for genuine favours!

sons bday


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