Android 12 will let you play games as you’re downloading them

Google has announced a big feature upgrade for Android 12. At its Game Developer Summit, on Monday, Google announced Android 12 users will be able to play games as you’re downloading them. The new feature is called ‘play as you download.’ For games that are larger in size, this feature will prove to be quite useful as you you won’t have to wait as long to jump into a game and start playing.

Overall, present-day games are probably the biggest applications you’ll at any point download and when that download takes two or three minutes, you may have moved on watching reels on Instagram. With this new upgrade, Google guarantees that it’ll require only half the time to hop into a game that tips the scales at 400MB or something like that. In case you’re a console gamer, this entire idea will likewise feel natural, given that Sony essentially does likewise for PlayStation games.

Presently, this isn’t Google’s first effort to make games load quicker. With ‘Google Play Instant,’ the organization as of now offers a related feature that permits gamers to promptly begin a game from the Play Store.

The ‘play as you download.’ feature works with games that use the Play Asset Delivery system. If they do, developers won’t need to do anything to turn the feature on, according to Google. Android 12 is also set to bring a bunch of other big changes to Android, including a major new design.