About Us

ReshareIt is founded by Puneet Jain.

We strive to bring you the most viral content on the net daily. You can be assured that your daily visit to our website can totally make your day because that is the kind of stuff you’re going to connect to and love. Oh, and also, blah blah. Well, ideally our description about us would be the same, lame, marketing one which would be too good to be true.

In the world of the Internet where a lot of websites offer viral content, we too are one of them would be an absolutely incorrect thing to say.

On that note, what we do strive to be, is to bring those kinds of stories and ideas to you which we loved and are pretty sure you would, too. Needless to say, as our name suggests, you’ll for sure love to share our stories with your loved ones.

Not giving out any further spoilers about our kind of stuff, just go to your favorite categories and read our stories and share them with your awesome friends, okay?