This Father’s Day, Abijit Ganguly’s stand-up act will have you in splits while it reminds you of your father

It is Father’s Day tomorrow and most of you must have things planned for your fathers. Fathers from around the world are a lot different from Indian fathers. Indian fathers are like a completely different species. Stand-up comedian Abijit Ganguly also thinks that way. He shared a clip from his acts where he talks about Indian fathers and I could feel that this is exactly how my father is!

I am sure you would too, when you read these funny punches from the act –

I still have to do this, every time I switch on the AC of my room.


We all want to be a rich Punjabi guy!


And that’s how you can be one!


One step solution to each problem!


This, just this.


Could it be any more correct?


Here’s the entire clip. As funny as it is, you might feel that it is your father Abijit is talking about!