Abijit Ganguly’s stand-up act on feminism and dating is every guy’s problems in a nutshell

If we overlook or ignore what actually feminism means, we may end up with misunderstandings. And the way people are mistaking feminism with feminazism, it is just scary!

One of our favorite comedians, Abijit Ganguly did a stand-up act on feminism and all the articles which give random dating tips. I know, it gets frustrating to read all “date a girl who reads”, “date a girl who travels”, “date a Bong/Punjabi/Gujju girl”. The funda is really simple – date a girl who likes to date! 

Some of the hilarious moments from the video are –

abijit ganguly 1

I second that!

abijit ganguly 2

You should totally go ahead man! I tried once, but there are like a lot of other girls with same first and last name as mine. FML.

abijit ganguly 3

Shit happens.

abijit ganguly 4

Here’s the funny act. Men, you’re going to love Mr. Ganguly for sharing this!