#BureDin for AAP: First WagonR and now a dissatisfied AAP designer wants the AAP logo back

Just after the news that the guy who gave his WagonR to Arvind Kejriwal is demanding it back, there is yet another person who wants the logo of AAP back!

Sunil Lal, the guy who claims that he designed AAP Logotype and volunteered to do branding for the Janlokpal movement tweeted that he wants to revoke it. In a letter to the party, he has asked to stop using so. He’s believed to be doing so as the party failed to meet his expectations.


Source: DNA

Not only that, he has also resigned from the party. He said that he had designed the logo with a very noble purpose, and since the party isn’t meeting people’s expectations and the are hurting them, he wants it back. Watch the video for complete details –