Video on AAP’s current situation with Kejriwal as Gabbar; Yadav and Bhushanas as the gang is hilarious!

AAP ke Sholay!

Recent backlash against AAP due to the removal of its prime and initial members- Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, VVIP entries and removal of Ramdas, an internal Lokpal member have led to many things. Supporters are asking for their donations back and now even the one who designed the logo has claimed it back. While Kejriwal is silently spectating all this, people have been reacting to all the recent crisis in the party with their posts, tweets and video. SoSorryPolitoon, an exclusive politoons series by India Today Group has taken funnier approach to show what has been happening in the party with the help of cute cartoon characters with faces resembling the ones from the party itself. What do you think about their take? Shoot in the comments section.