Aamir Khan on AIB Knockout – “I was deeply affected by it and am most disappointed”

The Internet is flooded with controversies and opinions regarding the AIB Knockout. A lot of people including the celebrities have stood by the team when it hit controversies. There were also think pieces which slammed down the show completely.

Amid all that, we have Aamir Khan who expressed his views on the same.

“I didn’t find it funny at all. When Karan and Arjun told me about it, I told them it wasn’t a right thing to do.”


“Violence isn’t just physical, it could be verbal as well. For me, this was violence and I don’t see a point of serving it to the audience.”

“I am not a 14 year old kid who will be impressed by gaalis (cuss words). If you really want to make me laugh, bring something substantial which can actually do that.”

Watch the complete video here and see how he made complete sense with each statement he spoke