9 hilarious road signs only Punjabis can understand

If you are sitting in a room of 10 people, 5 of them are going to be Punjabis. Punjabis make for the most happy and entertaining people in India because of their funny sense of humour. These 9 posters of road signs meant only for Punjabis will make your day.

1. What T-point means to a Punju!

tea point

2. No one can win over “speedy Singhs”.

70-80 tak te theek

3. Haha!

ae ki

4. Adidaf- All day I think about -food!

dominos di navi ad

5. “Oye bunty”

oh bunty

6.. You know what we mean. ;)

gaddi on vibration

7. Ishq di galli!

ishq di gali

8. “Jithey Jawange gaddi morange!”

jithe java ge

9. When they want to settle any argument! 

mitti pao

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