8 survivors from the Nepal earthquake who proved that there is always hope

Nepal earthquake has marred the city with shock and fear. The number of confirmed deaths is now 5,500 and counting. The strong earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on the Richter in Nepal, has no doubt caused a huge damage and left the humanity in shock. Houses, offices, hotels and recreational spaces collapsed under the attack of the strong earthquake with people trapped under the debris. Rescue teams are working day and night to be able to find out any survivors.

1. 5 days from the incident, Nepal and the rescue teams in the earthquake struck areas got their first ray of hope, life and survival. The team pulled out a 15 year-old survivor after several hours who was trapped in a collapsed hotel (Hilton) in Kathmandu. The crowd cheered to see the boy named, Pemba Tamang as he came out on a stretcher.

pemba tamang nepal earthquake survivor


2. The story of a 4-month-old brave-heart who strongly made it into this world got everyone a bit teary. The baby named, Sonit Awal was found in the earthquake rubble, this Sunday. His father had heard his cries in the ruins of their house. The rescuers were not sure if they will be able to find the baby, but they did in 22 hours. Sonit is now with his parents. ;)



3. A woman named, Krishna Kumari Khadka was rescued by French, Israeli and Norwegian rescuers. Krishna was taken out of a collapsed building in Kathmandu. 

Krishna Kumari Khadka


4. Sanjit Karki, aged 6 was also rescued from the wreckage and is now in the makeshift shelter undergoing treatment at the Army Hospital, Kathmandu. He was injured in a landslide while he was carrying firewood in a forest. He was found 20 minutes after the earthquake by his parents and airlifted to the army hospital.

Sanjit Karki, 6, nepal  earthquake survivor


5. 77 years old, Tularam Khadka was also rescued during the rescue mission.

survivor screenshot


6. Rishi Khanal, 27 years old survived by drinking his own urine as he lay stuck with one leg crushed under in the rubble for 82 hours. The survivor who kept hitting the on the rubble was surrounded with dead people. “I had some hope but by yesterday I’d given up. My nails went all white and my lips cracked. … I was sure no one was coming for me. I was certain I was going to die.” Rishi was rescued in 6 hours after the French and Nepalese rescuers heard him making the noise. 

Rishi Khanal nepa earthquake survivor


7. Raisaa Tashnova, aged 25 from Bangladesh was with her friends on an excursion in Nepal at the Last Resort. While getting ready for the canyon swing she saw the earth beneath her feet move and split. Scared of being crushed by large boulders, she and her friends found a safe spot and stayed until the earthquake stopped. She and her friends camped together on the higher ground for 3 days but no one came to find them. The girls trekked for 6 hours through the mountain terrain , smelt the stench of dead bodies around them and hitched on a bus. She connected with her family four days after the incident at the airport. 



8. Canadian tourist, Ann De Nada was stranded for 5 days in a village near Chautara after the land cut off due to the earthquake.ana de nada


These stories of brave-heart survivors is more than a dose of inspiration. They have not only demonstrated what courage is but have also highlighted the significance of life and hope. We wish nothing but more number of survivors from the deadly earthquake in Nepal.

A note to all the readers- There’s always hope and light! :)