6 women with body-paint are camouflaged in nature. Can you spot them?

German artist Jörg Düsterwald famous for his many body paint works joined popular photographer, Tschiponnique Skupin for a mind-blowing project called ‘Nature Art’. The artist painted naked models in Lower Saxony, Germany and the photographer took some really intense nature pictures of the models hiding in nature. Sounds interesting? Jörg Düsterwald’s work is so perfect the models hiding in nature become a part of it seamlessly. It is hard to spot them?

This is popular model Renée-Claire posing at the gates of Janssen Park. Hard to spot?


OK! Let us make it easy for you. Now?


The models work really hard to strike a pose so they can camouflage with their natural surroundings. Artist, Düsterwald has been working on this art for the last 20 years. 


Check this out! Close enough? This is model Laura at the toilet door at Mirkwood studio.


The model painted to perfection can be easily mistaken for a statue above the door wall even if some genius manages to spot her. Düsterwald has won many awards and even organised many art events and festivals to showcase his works. 


Barbara becomes a part of the wall and the nature that surrounds her. Completely awe-inspiring!


Were you able to find the models without taking a second look?