5 tough Emma Watson tweets on gender equality that tell she is beauty with brains

Our new Belle in The Beauty and the Beast, the ever gorgeous, Emma Watson is all grown up as you see her and the best that has come off her grown up self is her intelligence, a far mature, rational mind and the goodness in her heart. Emma is associated with a solidarity movement for gender equality- HeForShe. After her moving speech on gender equality as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma announced a Question and Answer round on twitter to address all gender equality issues faced in everyday life. Her tweets as response to the user tweets came out as too deep, touching, moving, wow-ing and non gender biased. Here are 10 of her gripping tweets which reflect her greatness and that she is a beauty with a brain and a good soul.

She tweets about what everyone must have to fight for equality!

Emma watson tweet conviction

She tells you to fight for your dreams. Even with your father!

become an engineer

She tweeted that she stands for gender equality!


She has a million dollar advice for every woman in the world!

dont give up

Focuses that in life you can actually have everything you want.

why not have both

The girl is a total rock star, isn’t she?

Join Emma and many others in her movement #HeForShe