5 ‘new’ Earth-sized planets in the Milky Way. Can life be there in them?

The Milky Way, which has always been intriguing for astronauts around the world, has shown some traces where the scientists have found 5 Earth-sized planets.

British scientists’ discoveries may lead to a thought of a possibility of life on this distant star of the Milky Way galaxy.

These astero-seismologists are led by the University of Birmingham. The planets they have discovered are 5 in number and their sizes vary between those of Mercury and Venus. With regards to the Nasa Keplar mission, the Sun-like star has been named Kepler-444.

Kepler-444 was formed as early as 11.2 billion years ago. This was when the Universe was less than 20% its current age. The oldest known system of terrestrial-sized planets in our Galaxy, this is almost 2 and a half times older than the Earth.

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