24 ways a Punjabi friend can change your life

Do you have a Punjabi friend? A friend who cannot- be silent, in low energy, live without food, control making noise when happy, and resist going out of his way to help you? Yes! That’s a very well known Punjabi friend! And this is not it!

1. All parties begin with a Punjabi Friend.

Their positive loud nature and outgoing personality will make everyone smile instantly. You will notice everybody’s having a good time as soon as they arrive at a party.


2. You will have a lot of good-tasting buttery food. In short, they will turn you into a foodie.

Punjabis are big fans of food loaded with pure ghee or butter. You are going to become healthy & chubby with them. :)



3. You will enjoy all the Bakchodi  that they do.

A Punju friend is perfect to kill time talking about funny and random stuff.

Punju bakwaasSource

4. Your walks to the nearby food joint will increase.

They have a knack for finding awesome roadside food joints which you will not resist going on your short breaks at work.

finding foodSource

5. You will suddenly realize you have become a happier person.

Punjus are contagious!

happy personSource

6. You will develop likeness towards Punjabi music.

They will feed you with Punjabi music, everyday. You can’t help but become a fan of Daljeet Singh and Honey Singh.

honey singhSource

7. You now understand the lyrics of all Punjabi songs.

know the meaning of all punjabi musicSource


8. You will start going to Gurudwaras.

start going to gurudwaraSource


9. You will learn that it is better to make fun of yourself than pretend that nothing embarrassing happened.

It is in their nature. A Punju friend will make fun of his/her stupid acts or embarrassing situations. The reason is simple!  It is better to laugh things off than feel terrible about them.

punjabi musicSource

better lifeSource


10. You will start telling jokes. Yes, you will. And you will even start telling Santa-Banta jokes to people.

start telling jokesSource

11.You will become a warm person. You will start hugging your friends more often because you are happy to have them in your life.



12. “Kade kitta tu, Khotya?” They will pull your ear if they find you doing anything stupid.

kade kitta tuSource


13. You will worship the sight of Aloo and Mooli Parathas. An obsession towards parathas.

aloo paratha


14. You will always know that you have a friend to watch your back.

A Punju friend will always be there to help you at any time of the day. They will be the first to fight for  you and support you.

watch your backSource


15. You will know the meaning of all Punjabi gaalis. They will also tell you all the nitty-gritties of even coming up with your own.

Punjabi abusesSource


16. You will enjoy drinking with them. Punjus can really drink and you will love being in their company.



17. You will know you have a friend who can really dance.

Punjus are kick-ass dancers. You will love going to parties with them.

dancing 1Source


18. East or west, Butter Chicken is the best! You will have a great time hogging butter chicken with them!




19. You love Sarson ka Saag & Makke di roti even more!

sarson ka saag



20. Besides all the abuses they say, and lame things they do, they are the most cultured friends you can have.

cultured punjuSource


21. You will find it normal to be around your loud Punju friends.

loud punjusSource


22. You will become a good bargainer.

becoming good at bargainingSource


 23. You will be invited to BIG FAT PUNJABI WEDDINGS.

big fat weddingSource

24. His/her mother becomes your mother. Punjabi Mums are too sweet and caring. You will love to get another mother to love you just like yours.

punjabi mumSource

Cheers to friendship!

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