20-yr-olds watched DDLJ for the first time; their reactions are not what you expected!

#20YearsOfDDLJ: The most iconic film of Bollywood completed 20 years and it is the most celebrated and loved film, so far. When most of the people are heads over heels in love with the movie, I don’t quite see it why. SRK, Kajol, Rohit Shetty and team recreated the magic yesterday and I must agree, it was a bliss to watch them together again!

The wonderful people at The Quint thought of doing something which has crossed a lot of our minds, I am sure. They showed this movie to 5 20-year-olds to see their reactions, and they were quite surprising!

dddlj (1)

dddlj (2)

dddlj (3)

dddlj (4)

dddlj (5)

dddlj (6)

Here’s the full video: