20 things that tell you are an old soul

You see the world differently. You wish different things in life. You react differently to things. If you are not in the set of people you like to be with, you go silent and more introspective. All these things happen with you because yes, you are an old soul! Because we empathize with you, we like to bring to you 15 things that define you as an old soul.

1. You think a lot!

You think about how you and a stranger shared a smile, how your relationships are, how things are going in life, & how an urchin smiled and shied away looking at a beautiful girl. Basically, you think about the smallest of things in life. thinking


2. You aren’t scared of shedding tears!

Because you think a lot, you are too emotional!shedding tear aiswaryaSource

3. Your actions and reactions are controlled.

You don’t react much on things.controlled actions johnny deppSource

4. You enjoy being a lone.

You find peace in loneliness.sitting aloneSource

5. You always think you are different in the ways you think about things.I like being weird


6. You think more intelligently than the people of your age.older


7. Simple pleasures are wonderful for you.

A simple happy breakfast in the balcony, reading news paper while the birds chirp in the garden, drinking a perfect cup of tea in your favourite surroundings, etc. really make you happy.nice breakfast


8. You love your own company a lot!

A few hours spent writing, listening to music, watching your favourite show, etc. works for you.selena gomez sitting by the window in a car


9. You are sensitive and spiritual in nature.

You have a feeling about things and people. You mostly focus everything on the vibe you get from people, things and surroundings.spiritual


10. You remember everything said to you and you just can’t erase it from your memory.old soul


11. You are interested in historical art, music and culture.

george harrison at taj mahal


12. You have a lot of friends but you still find yourself different from them.

You could be a loner or you love your company over a crowd.

alone in the crowd


13. Some people feel inclined to talk to you or know you.

A small chat with someone during a celebration, make people open up to you.



14. But you are very selective about who you should talk to. 

stopped talking


15. You share a very special bond with many friends so you end up meeting them all alone because getting all of them together doesn’t sound a good plan to you.let me hug you


16. You are a private person.

private person


17. Oneness and silence!

You love the beauty of silence. Sometimes a lot of silent moments have gotten you closer to the person around you, only if you both share good vibes with each other. old soul thoughts


18. You happily accept that nothing stays forever. You could have a friend right now and you can lose them the next day. Nothing is permanent!sherlock holmes


19. You are independent naturally!I have me


20. You feel old! :)I feel old


If your score is 8 out of 15, you are an old-soul! :)

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Ciao! :)

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