2-year-old gymnast from Iran will make you feel terrible about just eating dirt in your childhood

Honestly, we have never heard about a kid lesser than 13 trying his hands at gymnastics. Breaking all the rules is a really young boy of 2 performing many complicated and tough moves for his followers on Instagram. Just 2 years old, daring Arat Hosseini from Iran is a delight to watch.

arat performing

Here’s little gymnast’s Instagram description: “Baby athlete Arat, 2013 September 30, 14/850 kg 90 cm Love Japan” :) <3

Arat has been pictured doing clean splits on his TV. arat performing tv Even climbing a brick wall. arat climbing wall A casual day in the life of a 2-year-old gymnast. arat His mind-blowing moves and stunts have gained him over 20,000 followers on Instagram.

  Arat baby? Arat at 2 years old ? . #gymday #fitness #aratgym #baby #yoga #gymnastics #superbaby #Arat   A video posted by Baby (@arat.gym) on

That’s him playing basket ball. Aww! Love his father’s reaction.

Yes, it is obvious that his dad has been training him to become a kid no one can ever imagine. This Arat when he was just 16 months old.

And when we were 2, all we did was play in our piss and eat dirt in our free time. :/