#MustWatch: This comedian’s take on a serious issue in the Middle East, ‘how many kisses to give when saying hi?’

When Iranian-American comedian, Maz Jobrani walked into the TEDxSummit stage in Doha, Qatar, the audience broke into a loud laughter. The comedian began talking about the missing Qataris in Qatar.

talking about qataris

The custom to kiss when greeting a Lebanese or an Iranian.

serious question

He can’t forget how confused he was in Egypt.

the guy was not into it

And then, he came back to Qataris.

Qataris, you guys do the nose to nose. Why is that Are you too tired to go all the way around

He also talked about a few things one should not say when traveling in a US plane because “a little while ago in the US, there was a Muslim family,walking down the aisle of an airplane, talking about the safest place to sit on the plane. Some passengers overheard them, somehow misconstrued that as terrorist talk, got them kicked off the plane.” and so his advice to everyone who is brown is-


If you never knew people in Middle East laughed, they do, my friend. Watch Maz Jobrani take you on a laughter ride, today.