19 Indian controversies of the year 2014 that cannot be forgotten

Many events which were interesting, not-so-interesting, hilarious, controversial, happy, saddening and events which made us go ‘OH-My-God!’ took place in 2014. As the clock is ticking and not so many hours are left to say the year, 2014 a sweet good-bye, let us brush up our memories with some brain and heart tickling controversies that left us entertained and surprised all year round.

1. Alia – SAIFAI
Alia was under the scanner with her performance at SAIFAI, an infamous event organized in the midst of the Muzzfarnagar riots and unrealistic comment of being politically unaware of the situation at the Akhilesh Pawar lead state.


2. Murderous Affair
Sunanada Pushkar, wife of the controversyphilic politician, Shashi Tharoor, reportedly was found dead in Hotel Leela. This further minced in many other chain of hullabaloos with alleged relationships of Mr. Tharoor with Pakistani reporter, Mehr.


3. The Book that got unread
Wendy Doniger’s book, The Hindus: An alternative History, hit the controversial button when it stirred sexual connotations in Hindus with untrue biased half-truths in the books. The criticism was so spoilt that Penguin Publications had to withdraw the sales and prints.

The hindus-doniger-2014Source

4. Kejriwal’s resignation
AAP has their journey from ‘fasting’ to ‘politics’ then to ‘controversies’ with names like MLA Vinod Binny, Kumar Vishwas and Prashant Bhushan creating hype over their matters and finally pulling out the government with Arvind Kejriwal (AK) resigning from his post of Delhi CM after his 49 days of ‘ruling’!


5. Deepika bares (pun intended) it all!
The Times of India and Deepika battle for her cleavage show pic was well answered by her on twitter saying, “Yes, I am a woman, I have breasts, I have cleavage, You got a problem?”

deepika cleavageSource

6. Sunny! Sunny! Sunny!
Oh? Controversies and nothing ‘Sunny’ about them? How come! Sunny Leone’s Ragini MMS 2 carried explicit scenes which bothered a lot of Indian eyebrows.

sunny leone-ragini MMSSource

7. The selfie struck PM
Modi with his much publicized selfie was yet another page of controversy which people supported a lot and we know what the outcome was, right? Answer this: Who is the PM of India? ;)


8. Political affairs
Again more of political controversies to put in with, Digvijay Singh also didn’t lag behind in sharing his part of the screen. His alleged affair with a reporter named Amrita Rai was so much hyped that this year he actually accepted his love relationship freely!


9. What the KRK?! 

The king of all controversies is of course KRK! Not the name, the acronym is enough. LOL. We won’t need words but let Kamaal Khan’s tweets do the talking! And yeah don’t forget laughing, folks!

Kya! Kya! Kya!


Seriously? Do they need to leave?


But look! Who is leaving? (apne vichar, dusro ke naam! CHEAPO!)


And then who left? Batao? LOL


And then the huge fight that he took with Sonakshi Sinha! Who can forget Sonakshi’s reply to KRK’s disgusting tweet – Pls RT if you think Sonakshi Sinha has biggest butt in Bollywood to which she replied:

Please RT if you think KRK is a woman disrespecting waste of space and deserves to be hung upside down and given 4 tight slaps.

Way to go, girl!

10. The Makdi girl – caught in her own web!
Shweta Basu Prasad got into a deep trouble of accusations and later justifications with her involvement in the sex racket.

shweta sex racketSource

11. ‘Kat Ran’ away!
Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif hit the controversy when they were found having a short ‘we’ time in Spain with these leaked out photos.


12. Hrithik got Banged (not literally)!
One Bollywood couple took their journey of love to the next level, while another lovely (and one of our favorites) couple ended theirs. Suzzane’s allegations and Hrithik’s “I still love her” comments kept us abreast of their rough lives ending in divorce.


13. Kaha tak padhi ho, beta?
Smirti Irani, the HRD minister, had her share of rounds in controversies when her qualifications were questioned to which she also then presented a BA degree from YALE University in six days! (pssst.. she didn’t mention this in her affidavit earlier though.. hmmm..!)


14. AMUL- The taste of Facebook!
Yes, AMUL milk got a part of an FB post controversy where an upset customer posted these pictures which got vehemently viral on her wall doubting the quality of the product. AMUL handled it well with their dignity intact commenting that the use of expired milk causes such problems. Respect! :)


15. Rampal- another fraud!
A junior engineer in the irrigation dept., later a god-man, BABA Rampal, joined in the controversial series after Asaram , Agnivesh, and Nityanand! He didn’t appear in court for his hearing in murder accusation. He disappeared from his ashram, in thin air, I guess!


16. Pike ho kya?!
PK was shot by the controversial bullet way before it released with the BOLD Aamir poster!


17. The gatecrashes
Later, on one side the Advait (oneness of humans) supporter Rajkumar Hirani and, on the other, the Hindutva supporters, questioning Aamir Khan as to why only the Hindu religion was showcased and why not the others. (Oh My God did not commit this mistake!)


18. Gauhar’s thappad ki goonj
A sexually frustrated person slapped Gauhar Khan midst all the security accusing her of being a shameless Muslim, and not following the religion well! So hey, what will you say to the other terrorists who aren’t following either and killing the innocent kids?

gauhar slappedSource

19. Mera Desh!
Mallika Sherawat took her Deshprem so personally that she adorned the tricolor as an apparel for an upcoming movie ‘Dirty Politics’ which led her into a string of Dirty controversies!

mallika politicsSource

I hope you had a scroll through this year’s controversies. Hope to see such some more next year. LOL

If I have still left out some, please mention it below in your comments.