15 things that tell you are in the right relationship

It is all complicated, when we talk about relationships. At times, it gets infuriating, but it is always about being patient and letting go off things that bother. There cannot be any guide to a perfect relationship or any set of rules that can make it right.

If not a guide, there are a lot of telling things that say you’re in the right relationship. A few of them are –

1. Your partner always strives to bring the best out of you, no matter what.

bring out the best in you


2. You both are attached to each other’s mind, body and soul.

being attached

3. Your partner is always keen to know about your day.

knowing about the daySource

4. You have fights, and you know how to solve them productively and constructively. 


5. Both of love spending time with each other and at the same time, you have your own separate lives.

spending time togetherSource

6. Your partner seldom backs out from taking any responsibilities. Neither do you.


7. You communicate about everything. It doesn’t mean that all things are meant to be talked about, some things are understood without being mentioned. 


8. Being comfortable in your skin is something you master at, when together.


9. Not only that, you also let go off your inhibition when with that person


10. At times, you are surprised at your work place in the morning with your favorite junk food. Zero points for guessing who send it ;)


11. Your sex life is great. Both of you know the best ways to please your partner.


12. Both of your priorities, ambitions and goals in life are in sync with each other.

life goalsSource

13. The past is never questioned about and the future is never about being skeptical!

best thing happenedSource

14. When at a wrong stand, your partner won’t support you, but will let you know what’s is right and wrong for you.


15. Lastly, no matter what, you know that our partner is always going to be by your side, no matter what.

always by side


So do you think you are in the right relationship?If yes, let me know in the comments section below any other thing than these that make a relationship the right one!

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