15 things we miss about our college

College! The one word which can bring a smile to each one’s face who has experienced college life. Here is an attempt by us to recollect together some of the quirkiest, funniest, silliest, craziest and the best memories of our graduation experience!
And for those who have not been to one, here is a sneak peak of what you might experience in yours!

1. The vadapav and tea tapri/laree (stall)

Remember how the Maushi/Kaka at the nearest tea tapri/laree outside your college became your best friend between lectures, or how the oily greasy vadapav and garam chai they served became the perfect idea of a sumptuous breakfast?


2. All-nighter house parties

Yes, I am talking about the craze-filled nights of booze, baatein, besharmi and badmashi! [Wink, wink ;)]


3. Craziest ways of celebrating birthdays

Yaar zara ketchup, eggs, surf powder, toothpaste vagera toh lana” – the patent dialogue of any collegian preparing for the midnight birthday bath of his/her beloved friend.


4. Woh raaton ka jagna!

The one place where despite everything being out of place, we feel completely in place and at ease! The perfect place to celebrate, discuss duniya ke problems, play video games and gossip endlessly!


5. Going Goa

Goa – the part without which any college story is incomplete. The word itself is enough to paste a smile on one’s face and create the ‘YAY-moment’ in your heart.


6. College fests

College attend karo ya na karo, fest mein hungama toh banta hai!
Be it filled with controversies, lecture bunks, sleepless nights or missing tests; the fests proved to be the one uniting element for people from each genre to be in and showcase their very best!


7. Assignment outsourcing!

How the toughest of assignments could get outsourced by applying a little bit of emotional atyachaar:
Bhai main tere kachhe sukhaunga, assignment kar lio.’, ‘Bhai kal Simran ko movie promise ki hai, mera paper bhi likh lio.’


8. Maggi Moments

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, house parties, late-nights, special occasion or an everyday snack; when Maggi becomes an all-time-fit solution for any sort of hunger pangs, you know you’re in college.


9. Oonch-nich! Khincha-taani!

The number of tasks and questions posed to us during the GD/PI sessions cannot be compared to the embarrassing tasks and questions asked in the first month of college by our seniors. “Gaana Gao” “Is college ki history batao” “Akshay Kumar ki tarah fighting kar ke dikhao” Sara extra-curricular activities ka ‘josh’ isi mein samaapt ho jata hai!


10. Being curious, crazy and carefree!

Trying everything new and different – from the craziest foods and drinks, to checking out the most outrageous activities and places!

11. The Adda!

Be it the favourite spot in college or a nearby café, each group always has their own designated and self-assigned Adda (the hangout)!


12. Never waking up for lectures

Yes, you have kept your alarm, and yes you have asked the world to wake you up, but the question is DID YOU WAKE UP? :P
Most of us would be shaking our heads at this question. Invariably, no matter how much efforts we made, no matter how much water was splattered on us or how many times we fell off the bed; our morning slumber persisted till the sun rose and sometimes even as late as the sunset.


13. The best years of one’s life

The college surely is a hell of a ride for each one of us. Filled with excitement, enmity and ecstasy! At the end, there is nothing more that you wish than to extend the joy ride!


14. A new family discovered!

But none of the above mentioned joys can beat the bliss of discovering a whole new family in the non-bloods :)


These are just the common bunch of college experiences that we all share. If you have any out-of-the-box or hilarious experience, then do share it with us.


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