15 things that make you hate the Valentine’s Day!


The Cupid is all ready to strike your heart! You heard me right. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. People are smiling and coo-chi-cooing with their loved ones and you’re ready to shoot anyone who’s being extra sweet!

If you too hate the much hyped Valentine’s, you gotta read these 15 things!

1. Show off

“Eeeee! My boyfriend sent me flowers.”

Okay, even if he did. Why do you need to squeal and show off?


2. Pressure of doing something spectacular

“I need to impress him. Damn, I better start looking sexy.”

You don’t need a day to look sexy and that too, not for someone. It should be for you and only you. So Valentine’s again puts you through the pressure of doing something spectacular!


3. Peer pressure

Hey, man! Aren’t you doing anything special for her?

Hell yeah, there’s peer pressure all the time


4. Unavoidable rants of your best friend

“You know what he did for me? Hey, wait! Why aren’t you listening? I am your best bud!”

Well of course, that’s your best friend ranting about her adventurous Valentine’s day and you have no other option, but to be all ears.


5. I wish I had someone too!

Well well well, there you go. Every Valentine’s you fall prey to this crazy thought of wanting to have a boyfriend/girlfriend.


6. Political parties and their brainless threats

You see brainless political gurus giving out threats to marry off couples if seen on streets on Valentine’s. Dude?! Seriously?!


7. Lame link-ups if you hangout with a random friend

Are you going out with him? Hey, is she your girlfriend?
No! Can’t you all leave me alone!


8. Flood of Valentine’s Day programs and adverts.

Even if you wanna forget it, you just cant! No no!


9. Hooked up friends call you up and say – What’s your plan for today?

And you’re like – ‘I am gonna order a Cheese Burst and cuddle up with my Dog”


10. Why dedicate just one day?

A day shouldn’t be a motivation for you to do something special for someone. If you’re in love, you could make him/her feel special anytime! A day’s concept is quite shallow.


11. Pictures flooding on your Facebook walls.

You see countless selfies of couples and you’ll be like – “Were they really enjoying or busy clicking pictures?”


12. Expectations fail

If you’re committed, you tend to expect a lot from your partner and if by chance, he/she fails to do so, you’re heart-broken.


13. Don’t expect at all?

And if you think Valentine’s is just another day, you’ll be damn irritated with your clingy boyfriend/girlfriend. “Baby, I have work today. I am sorry! I’ll make it up to you for sure”


14. So damn cheesy!

Everybody around you will be so damn sweet! The girl/guy who doesn’t even look at you will give you smile.


15. End up alone

Well, that’s the universal reason for hating Valentines!


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