15 Things we do when drunk!

Hello Fellas! Booze has always led to the Bizarre! Here is an attempt to point out the few most hilarious and ridiculous drunken acts! Or probably, the things you were narrated the next morning after a night of being a busy drunk chunk!drunk nightsSource

 1.  Call the loved ones!

The silly moment when the lovey-dovey side emerges and when text-ing alone can’t satisfy the urge! No matter, how far the phone is, some supernatural force ALWAYS COMPELS us to call our darling buddies, one-time crushes and the too-much-in-love-exes!

when drunk


2. Emo crying – Let’s face it! We all have been through this at least once!

No matter, how strong we are, there has been this one weird, emotional outburst that has made us wail and weep like a two-year old!



3. The silliest things ever!

When drunk: “I feel I am doing the right thing.”

When sober: “Yes, I made an utter fool of myself.” 

silliest things when drunk


4. Laugh at virtually anything and everything!

 It wasn’t the drunk me laughing, probably someone sprayed the laughing gas! For sure!laughing


5. Eat, eat, eat and then, hog, hog, hog!

 I’m hungry! I’m hungry! I’m hungry! I’m hungry!eat eat


6. Shouting out your inner desires!

Yes, the exact moment when you realise that your thoughts are no more in your head but on your tongue!

let me have sex with you


7. PUKE! “Naam toh suna hoga?”





The manner in which a few of our energized particles like to tell the world regarding the blend of food and alcohol we consumed :Pdrunk puking


8. Free hugs for all, umm… and even kisses for the lucky some!

 The happy high phase does deliver free “Jaadu-ki-Jhappis” for everyone at the party. Yes, I know it doesn’t just end on this note. After “Jhappis, Pappis toh banti hai yaar”.



9. After the P of puking comes the P of Pass out!

We’ve have probably been found passed out on the club’s sofa, in the car, on the bar stool, on the dance floor collapsed, inside the washroom cubicle and yes, sometimes even inside the commode bowl!



passing out


10. Funny Faces for all!

The child in us surely finds a way out, making those absurd and silly funny faces!. Sometimes even while taking selfies!

funny faces


11. Dance like there is no tomorrow

Yes, drinks have the quality of bringing out the Michael Jackson in even a person having 2 left feet. The vibrance in the moves is such, that it can give even a Brazilian dancer a run for her money!dance like there is no tomorrow




12. Sing like you are an America’s Got Talent participant!

Did we just mention Michael Jackson? Bon Jovi and Adele are too not rare to find either. With the karaoke nights in pubs, it isn’t a rarity to enter the pub to blaring of loud drunk people singing like they will win Grammys.kareoke


13. Ask for one more glass or may be just pick up the bottle!

Since when has just a few glasses been able to satiate the alcoholic keeda resting inside us?drinking from the bottle


14. Tripping everywhere!

Doesn’t it seem like the moment we finish a couple of drinks, the earth tends to lose its equilibrium? And surprisingly, EVERY TIME!drinking and falling


15. Tell that ‘they are not drunk yet’.

Yes, it is clichéd. Yet, we somehow always say it, “Mujhe abhi tak chadhi hi nahi hai.” Rightly practised for the apt moment when we are unable to walk without support, when we are are bumping into people, poles and pillars and even when we are unable to focus on the rest room’s door!

If I was drunk


And yes, no matter what people say, such incidents are always going to REPEAT! :) For the love of #Memories !

drunk falls on the table


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