15 before and after pictures of pets right after adoption tell why you should adopt a pet

Adopting a pet can be a really beautiful experience both for you and the adoptee, right after the point of adoption. If you are an animal lover, we take it you already know the importance of a pet and the life changing experiences it brings along with it. Every pet is like a baby that needs a place to call it home and parents along with nourishment.

These 16 before and after pictures of pets adopted from a shelter and the streets will completely change your thoughts about not having a pet. The animals looks so much happy and light-hearted!

1. Meet Amelia! She got home during Christmas.


2. This fluffy babe is Bandit!

bandit why you should aopt a pet

3. This  is Val, it likes to cuddle!


4. A cute little stray cat!

cat why you should aopt a pet

5. Meet, Chex!


6. Dumbo, a plakat betta fish!


7. Jackson, likes to stretch and roll on his bed

jackson why you should adopt a pet

8. The cute, Laurel

laurel why you should aopt a pet

9. Little Guy

little guy

10. A not so naughty, Labrador

lucky golden retriever

11. Ned! He is too excited to get home from the shelter.


12. Penny Lane too loves to cuddle!

penny lane

13. Meet Pillow! He loves to play!

pillow why you should adopt a pet

14. Super active, Sandy


15. Spooky was too happy being home.

spooky why we should adopt pets

16. A gorgeous stray cat!

stray cat

17. Meet, Mokka!


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Adopting a pet is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and your always loyal pet (baby). Of course, there are a few pros and cons of adopting a pet but if you love a fluffy thing like one of these, we say, you should get one home and share their pictures with us. :)