These 13 funny sexting confessions are so relateable, you will laugh listening to them

We all indulge in sexting while speaking to our beaus. What are some of the things that you felt really awkward or embarrassed about while sexting them? Caught your parents sexting?

I once found my parents sext

Did you say something stupid? Or you faked that you are in the act where as you are busy watching your favourite TV show?I was sexting my BF & stopped because I wanted to eat a piece of cake Welcome to my priorities

BuzzFeedYellow dug Whisper, an app that lets people make anonymous confessions and read out a few interesting confessions about sexting.

You must do this!

Someone tried sexting me

We know you have been a total turn off at least once!

I fell asleep today while sexting. I had a new low point.

And when they turn you off with their bad grammar!

I stopped sexting my GF because of her poor grammar

Watch the rest of the funny sexting confessions and relive your ridiculous sexting days.