13 reasons for singles to look forward to this Valentine’s Day. Get them ‘lucky’!

Kripiya Dhyaan De!

As 14th February is coming closer, kindly do not patch up with a long left ex, or hurry up to get a new boyfriend/girlfriend, if you’re single!

Just be single and and follow that status religiously and proudly. Do the following things and understand why it is so awesome to be single! You will love them ;)

1. Treat yourself

Make great food. Watch out for some YouTube videos to make yummy Valentine’s dinner, desserts or even drinks for yourself. Just take care you don’t end up anything like this:


2. Aaram haraam nahi, haraam nahi!

Lay down on your couch. Switch on the TV. Play the best video songs that will jazz you up or watch some TV series. I suggest watch a horror movie instead!


3. Poke

Get thrilled by poking in a date you wished to have but the girl/guy cheated on you by your out of the blue appearance.  Shock them and take out the fun by spoiling theirs! I bet if they don’t go like.. I.. I.. I.. am dead!


4. Buckle your shoes

Collect some friends and zero down a match of tennis, badminton or basketball. That’s what she did, remember? Of course don’t wear a sari or a suit! :p

deepika_arjun_playing badmintonSource

5. Explore the city

Take a day off and visit a place you have never been before alone, even if just a new mall. You will be amazed!


6. Get drunk!

It helps in mannnnnnyyyy ways. ;)


7. Buy. Buy. Buy.

Get yourself a new pair of shoes, dresses, shirts, pants, cosmetics, accessories etc., make yourself feel pampered and buy happiness. :)


8. Get a new hair-do

Change your look for the day. Get a new hair cut. Chop those old braids and get something more novel. Why not try the latest?


9. Pop-a-corn

Watch a night show movie with your best girl/boy friend who is preferably single. Too many cooks spoils the broth. Just be two!


10. Decorate your room

Tired after a day’s work? Have a shower and sit down planning for a new look for your room. Change the lights, curtains etc. If that’s not enough, try decorating your friend. :D


11. Read

Stop at book store. Grab a good book to read. Sip a coffee and get lost in the world of words that evening.


12. Go for that anti-Valentine’s shake!

Single boys and girls could gather at one place and party hard for being an anti-Valentine’s! Narrow down a few DJs and shake the bootiya on the floor with other booties. Sing along! All the single ladies.. all the single ladies..


The last and a must do option:

13. Plan for ‘The Match’

This Valentine’s is special for Indians as the next morning they have the India Vs. Pakistan World Cup match. Gear up and plan something with your friends for the morning.

And don’t stay awake till late, because the match starts at eight. ;)


So try these out for your singles special Valentine’s Day and let us know how your day went in the comments section below!