12 types of sweet Moms we all are grateful to have in our lives

This Mother’s Day let us take out time and thank our mothers for being a source of care, support and unconditional love in our lives. All moms are great and warm and they all deserve our tribute for their huge contribution in our lives. ReshareIt brings 12 awesome types of moms who we all are grateful to have in our lives.

1. Mera Laal, Mera Bachcha Maa

Nothing is more important to her than her kids. She is mostly found awake till late night waiting for her kids to return home so she can serve them food.kiran kher



2. The fit mom who goes to gym every day

This mom is super fit. She loves to join her kids in the gym. Every kid in your class always looked up to her for her good looks and, fit and healthy body.mom exercising with kid

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3. The technologically up to date mom

This mom uses iPhone not because she likes to flaunt it but because she knows how to use it. She has all the latest gadgets which she uses all the time, she knows how to Skype and use snap-chat and her pinterest account has dozens of pins. Her kids look up to her for she is more technologically up to date than the other moms.mom up to date with technology



4. The social media savvy mom

This mom is pretty active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She knows all your friends on social media and she doesn’t discourage you from making new friends. This is the mom all kids can add to their Facebook accounts without thinking much.mom taking a selfie with her daughter



5. The cute mom who speaks in broken English to show she is as modern as her kids are

This mom is not just emotional & caring like all other moms, she works hard on herself so that her teenager kids can gel with her. She is learning to speak English and is too cute to talk to.english vinglish



6. The too protective Maa

This mom makes sure she knows everyone her kids meet. She would drive her kids to wherever they want. When her kids want to go for a party at night or do a stay over at a friend’s, she finds it difficult to say a yes because she wants you and your friends safe and in good company.kahan ho beta



7. The ‘teri shaadi ke liye‘ Maa

This mom is more excited about her kids’ marriage than her kids are. She has been collecting clothes and jewelry since her kids turned 18. She is going to get her kids married in the most pompous way.jaya bachchan

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8. The cool mom

The liberal & ultra cool mom who is alright with her kids dating, and having a good time in their lives. She knows what Y-O-L-O stands for and gives her kids all the space and freedom they need so that her kids can freely share their live experiences and feelings without any hesitation with her. She is the best mom ever!



cool mom



9. The traveler

Avid traveler, this mama wants her kids to learn by traveling just like she did. She is the one who plans the family trips and even makes sure she takes her family along with her whenever she goes for a business trip. She knows how to balance personal and office lives. Her kids grow up to become liberal, free and intelligent nature lovers.traveling-mama-mothers-love



10. The office going maa

This mom can not wait to come home to be with her kids after work. She wakes up early in the morning to cook fresh food for her kids, she makes sure she spends enough time with her kids when she is not working. Her kids grow up to understand individualism, meaning of freedom and they are well focused towards their careers.woking mom



11. Papa se sifaarish karne wali mom

This mom never refuses her kids from having a good time. She is always the one to speak to your dad to get you permission whenever you want to do a night out or go on a trip with friends. Papa se sifaarish karne wali mom



12. The ‘you can put the blame on me’ mom

She takes the blame for everything wrong her kids do. She covers up for you whenever you are in trouble. She is the most supportive person a kid can have. sid and mom post



There is nothing as great as mother. Take her out and have a good time with her, today!

PS: Which one is your mom?

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