10 things only writers would relate to

We, writers, are a bunch of creative people. We express our views, inspire to think and generate a curiosity in the minds of our readers. We want to write something new every time we pick up our pens or open our laptops. But it isn’t too easy. It’s tough to impress the readers who are, by the way, our best critics too. These are a few things which writers can relate to and can remind them of the pain they go through to create each article. Read on!

1. When your creativity is at an all time low mode.

You feel as if your brain stopped working!



2. When you are searching for that perfect word.

You realize how important the dictionary is to you!

writing is hard


3. And God forbid, if you are a poet, those rhyme schemes and formats to choose from!

“Should I write a sonnet or a ballad?”

disney princess


4. Try to come up with good humor so your readers do not think you are going to bore them to death.

Losing your fan base? Yep!

denzel washington


5. Your next article must be better than a previous one.

Trust me; you don’t want to be known as a one-hit wonder.



6. You ought to write consistently good articles.

Call it performance pressure! :/

south park gif


7. There are times when you can’t even think of a topic!

Too much frustration!



8. Apart from draining your brain to write, you have to read too. A lot!

“Why is it so necessary?”

writers dont read, we write


9. For a writer of an article like this, finding the right GIF image, is a pain in the neck.

Vent your anger on the laptop!angry working man


10. But, boy, does it feel good when you are appreciated for your words!

Yeah, you can give yourself a pat on the back!

pat on the back


But in spite of all these, it’s a great feeling when you realize your words would remain in some corner of that newspaper or magazine after you. Your words make you immortal. Now how does that feel?

If I have missed on anything, do mention in the comments!

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