You’d have never imagined falling prey to click-baits could be so fatal until you watch this…

If you are on the Internet most of the times, you probably know by now what a click-bait means. If not, this is definitely not for you. Go spend some time sharing useless things on your social media platforms and then come back. We can talk then. Meanwhile, the ones who often pall a prey to click-baits, we have something for you.

Now that was to help you for smart browsing. CollegeHumor shared a video around the same and it shows how these click baits could actually be fatal for you. Have a look at this innocent guy sharing such articles with his colleague –

click baits (1)

But then his colleague…

click baits (2)

click baits (3)

is completely on different thought process!

click baits (4)

 You have to watch what happened next. This is no click bait, I promise.