10 things every Indian girl wants every boy to know and never forget

There are countless things men tell girls to take care of, never forget, keep in mind, remember the essential details, etc. Has anyone wondered what we girls want? What we mean when we say, “that’s alright with me”? What a simple act of waving our heads twice from side to side mean? No, not really! Getting weary of listening to ‘boys will be boys’? Here are 10 important things you should make every boy in your life read and never forget about you.

1. When we say we have nothing to wear!couple shopping at the mall


2. I am fine does not mean I am OK.

another chance

3. When we ask how do we look? 


4. We love fashion. Shorts, hot pants, dresses and skirts are all a part of fashion. 


5. We eat when we want to. We are not always on a diet.

we eat

6. Do not object our actions or criticize us when we are on periods. 

You will not like what we will do to you.ana hathway


7. Girls who smoke are not sluts! stop objectifying us


8. We have the right to come to the bar alone and walk out alone. 

not looking for one night stands (1)

9. Our clothes do not reveal our ‘sanskaars’.sanskaari


10. Like men, we do come home late. working woman


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