10 myths about Mumbai Girls busted

Dedicated to all those who call Bombay their ‘home’ or have called it ‘home’ at some point or the other. For those who haven’t even been there and still have preconceived notions about us, this is an eye-opener to all your misconceptions about “girls from Mumbai”. And, yes, we still like to call it Bombay! :)

1. Mumbai girls are ‘fast’ .
No, we do not have 15 boyfriends, and yes, many of us actually have serious relationships.

Amal Bombay girls myths busted reshareit
Say whaaa ?


2. We hate Delhites!
Truth- Most of us have many good to soul-mate sort of friends in Delhi! We love them!

Bombay girls do not hate delhi people

3. Mumbai girls can never speak good Hindi!
False! We can speak shuddh Hindi like it’s nobody’s business.

bombay girls talking in hindi


4. Mumbai girls will never dress well!
We are confident enough to go anywhere in a pair of harem pants and tee but not always. We can give you a run for your money with our impeccable dressing sense.shopping


5.Mumbai girls are rude and abusive!
*beep* Wrong answer! Mumbai girls are known for their polite and helpful nature.

Believe it or not!
Believe it or not!


6. They can never dance well!
We don’t dance like, we are a part of Ganpati visarjan. We can shake that booty better than any girl from any city.

dance classes in bombay



7. All we have is a major chunk of dumb and beautiful Bollywood actresses!
Shobhaa De, Smita Patil, Rashmi Bansal, Tina Ambani….I rest my case!shobhaa de



8.Cannot drive for nuts!
Just because we rely on a great transport system provided by the city does not mean we cannot drive. Duh!

sonakshi sinha driving



9.Mumbai girls don’t like to be pampered!
Excuse me! Every girl likes to be pampered and girls from Mumbai are no different. We can never say no to a good dining and wining session.dining in bombay



10.We don’t know what coy is!
Not necessarily! We are not all adventurous, we have our fair share of coy girls too!diana penty


So now you know us a tad bit more to stop assuming all the wrong things about us!

Peace out! :D

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