10 coolers every Indian loves to drink to keep them chilled out in summer

With summer, the urge to staying active revives every year. Everyday you skip the lift and take the stairs as a workout routine at your office. You avoid oily, fatty fast-food which you otherwise would have devoured without any question had this been winters. You like to look and feel fit so you skip the junk food, good enough! Yes, we all do that in summers. However, do not skip on water and coolers. It is important to keep your water levels up and your body hydrated. It not only keeps your body cool but your mind too. Here are 10 coolers every Indian swears by in summers to keep them cool.

1. Lassi

Balances the water levels, keeps your body hydrated, and rich in potassium, calcium, protein and vitamin b. Lassi is your best buddy in summers.



2. Banana Shake

If you are going to watch what you eat then, we say go bananas. Banana smoothies and shakes are rich in Vitamin-B6, manganese, and potassium. A glass of banana shake once in a while in the week is good.



3. Chaas aka Buttermilk

A glass of Buttermilk calms your stomach, helps in digestion, keeps your body hydrated, and gives your body calcium, and B complex. Buttermilk is good, very good for the body.



4. Badam Milk

Milk keeps body cool and almonds give it a nice flavour and a lot of nutrition.

badam milk


5. Aam Panna

Besides being so spicily delicious, aam panna helps with beating the heat, avoiding heat strokes, and fights dehydration.

aam ka panna


6. Nimbu Paani/Shikanji

The drink that your mother offered you every time you got back home from school during summer is refreshing and so good for your skin and stomach. Keep lemons in your house and when god gives you lemons, make nimbu paani.



7. Sherbat/Roohafza

Sherbat’s are full of goodness and they are perfect to drink when you get home in the scorching heat.



8. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is rich in zinc, chromium, cobalt, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, potassium and copper. It contains Vitamins A, C, B1, and B2, B5 and B6 and iron. Here’s the best thing, it keeps the signs of aging away! :)



9. Thandai

The coolest drink ever, Thanda-i. Thandai is best if you like to drink milk and want to give it a cooling flavour. Thandai helps keeping the body cool too.



10. Jaljeera

Tangy and tasty and low in calories, jalkeera keeps body cool and maintains the body’s PH levels.



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