Man reunites with gorilla he raised 5 years ago; what happens when they meet is beautiful!

Animal- human bonds and friendships go a long way. The lucky ones who get to live or see this out of the world experience can only understand it.  You can see two people falling apart but not an animal and his human.

Howletts Wild Animal Park in England was home to Kwibi, a lowland gorilla who spent his first 5 years under the care of conservationist, Damian Aspinall before he was released into the forests of Gabon, West Africa. When after 5 years of sending Kwibi back to his natural environment and his own people, Damian decided to see his now all grown up gorilla he had raised with love and care 5 years ago, something completely unexpected happened! Read on, to know what happened?

Damian went to see Kwibi after 5 years in the forests of Gabon, West Africa with his brother. He took a boat and started calling out for Kwibi.


After a few minutes, a magnificent 10-year-old gorilla appeared from the trees. “He had not heard my voice for 10 years, but he did come near the river.”

magnificent 10 year old gorilla


They took their boat towards the land so that Damian could meet Kwibi.

damian sat with kwibi

Kwibi hugged Damian. The two sat drunk in each other. Kwibi introduced him to his wife. When the time came for Damian to leave, Kwibi did not let him go.

would not let him go

Kwibi was distracted with raisins so that Damian could get into his boat. He followed Damian from the other side of the river until he reached Damian’s camp.

In the morning when Damian got into the river to take a dip at 6 am, he saw Kwibi right across the river.

kwibi my lovely boy

“Kwibi, my lovely boy!”

Damian shared that it was the best experience ever and he was happy about how remarkable an animal Kwibi is. Watch Kwibi reunite with his favourite human, Damian and their beautiful encounter in the woods.


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