Goosebumps! 7 Hijras singing the National Anthem of India make up for the best video, ever!

How many times have you seen transgender people starring in a strong, motivational video? Yathartha Pictures has shared a beautiful video with 7 transgender people dressed to reveal their dreams of becoming people from different occupations.

yartharth hijras singing national anthem

Last February, India’s Supreme Court finally recognised transgender citizens as belonging to a third gender, and made it mandatory for the government to provide them jobs and education quotas.

This video is all about transgender people and their freedom to choose whatever career they want.

Urmi could be a flight attendant

The description reads:
But not a single child wants to get their income by disrupting other’s work, performing at ceremonies, or offering blessings in exchange of money! Unfortunately, these are the only employment opportunities available to Hijras! 

Indian Hijras too have the right to choose an employment which fits their talent, skill and passion.

bhartiya hum bhi hai dressed in various professions

Watch this inspirational and moving video “Bhartiya… Hum Bhi Hai” and spread among people who understand the importance and power of dreams.

Jai hind!